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Welcome to
Cillbarra Stud Farm

... the home of  traditional Irish Gypsy Cob and Coloured Heavies.

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Between 30 and 40 horses live permanently on our farm. They include brood mares, foals, stallions, youngsters, breakers – and, of course, a few pensioners! They live in mixed but well chosen herds, where they enjoy a natural social environment. There is no kicking or fighting; all live together in harmony and feel safe and protected.

Our mares give birth in special foaling units. They are monitored by cameras around the clock, and our own vet is available 24 hours a day.

In the autumn, we create a weanling herd, where our foals spend their time in an “Equine Kindergarten”. They are out in the fields during the day, and brought in to a spacious shed at night. Since we feed them twice daily with the best foals’ rations, and offer them access to hay around the clock, we are able to train them for close human contact.

Meanwhile in Cillbarra...

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